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tv   NEWSHOUR  Al Jazeera  October 31, 2017 1:00pm-1:07pm AST

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in colombia transforming urban waste into building long seniors just depressing the west plastic you know or we can finish their house in china in just ten years and in singapore fragile farms and living building anything you do on land on the ground doesn't make sense to do that on a building now can we make of not just decorative but can we make it biologically productive earthrise discovers cutting edge solution for sustainable city at this time on al-jazeera. this is al jazeera. hello and welcome my name's peter w. watching the al-jazeera news hour live from our headquarters here in doha coming up
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in the next sixty minutes around hundred two hundred fifty men if they came around to the beijing center they start moving around. forcing us asylum seekers refugees barricade themselves inside a prison that was shut down in papua new guinea. catalonia president prepares for the worst cutlass puja moment flies to belgium as prosecutors seek charges of rebellion and sedition plus. some say it's ten years too late to clean up finally begins a decade after a massive oil spill in nigeria also. this individual was the member of the volunteer advisory council then at one time over the course of the year white house damage control after the indictments in the legal case around in the front campaign and possible russian collusion in the twenty sixteen u.s. election.
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top story tensions are running high on man asylum and in papua new guinea where there are widespread reports that locals looting an australian run prison camp which was closed on tuesday abouts around hundred hundred fifty men if they came around to the beijing center they start moving around taking everything we just left over boxes air conditioned vans. about six hundred refugees are refusing to leave the facility over safety concerns the australian government wants them to move into the community but the refugees say they will be attacked there have been rallies in several australian cities in support of the refugees who've had the power water and food supplies they're caught off let's get the latest from shell about us. few years ago a stray began sending refugees who try to get to remote island prisons up
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a new guinea's menace islands and. on tuesday the menace island prison was decommissioned but refugees how they're a demanding they be allowed to stay saying forced eviction into the papa new guinea and community is dangerous men. are safe maybe this is my last picture you you see here maybe not who knows our life is in deep danger. their fears how true is security left and local people looted the facility the refugees locks themselves inside essentially early this morning yesterday and authorities all out the center and in in these refugees essentially. and they have serious concerns for their safety on medicine and whether they see lady or not so barricaded themselves into the center there is precedent for their fears after locals broken and attacked refugees in twenty fourteen was cote there fearful of
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worse violence when they're not protected by gun i spoke to forty refugees and asylum seekers and nearly everyone described how they had been beaten stabbed or assaulted on menace island they are terrified about moving to the main town of largo a story is policy did deter people from trying to reach it shores by boat but its legacy was more than two thousand people left in limbo human rights groups condemned conditions in the prisons and demanded the closure after a papa new guinea a court said detaining refugees was illegal the strain agreed to close the man asylum prison and pay refugees compensation this is a crazy situation everybody's been screaming about wanted to get out of the place where we saw that we had to close it and move them into a different facility and require the eyes to turn. but aren't refugees to go back to their country of origin and now they want latif astray his government says the prison closure is a matter for papa new guinea and yet papa new guinea disputed that in
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a statement on sunday which lays refugees caught between two governments and a hostile native population shallop ballasts al jazeera ok let's get more on that for you joining us live here on the news ian rintoul he's a spokesman for the refugee action coalition he joins us from sydney ian rintoul some of the people who've been on mine asylum for the past three four years they have launched their own legal action will that be enough. i doubt that it will be enough which they now any month since they get it supreme court found that the tension said it was unlawful that people have been brought to madison and are they staying government look the government did anything so why are we welcome the court action i think that the situation on the ground and that's all that's gone too far already old personnel have been withdrawn from that it takes instead a reestablishing all of that is that it's that center now would be imam it's
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a mammoth effort a necessary effort but it would be a mammoth that we also understand that the inhabitants of this prison camp have been stockpiling food they've been gathering water they've been making their own run off gathering points for rainwater is it beginning to look like some sort of a sea. it has it has been a city just for the last several months on and that's a lot of the state government has been slowly talking the noose around the people that they've been holding their own all fully for the last for the last four years but progressively services are being withdrawn food is being withdrawn or is being withdrawn not other old eyes not some other some yes some compound but now into i very serious the situation at the moment is that power and water is still on threatening to kick up that their work where to cut it by tonight and deeper inside iraq stockpiling as best they can will be no through doctor die no drinking water up to some some locals have said our time to supply them but we are looking at and
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it's aged at best probably at worst that people are very very theoretical that they could be attacked not either by locals look like ninety or up the actually puts some people have been offered options cambodia oh no room in your opinion why have so few waltham said yes to that. because they're not they're not options i mean that combine has never.


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